Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Palm Sunday

Sunday was a great day. Our kids participated in our worship and our celebration of Palm Sunday. They came in waving palm branches in a visual presentation of what Jesus rode into Jerusalem that wonderful day. Our worship was great and the day was fantastic.

Our sermon was on the thought of 'Two Roads- One Week.' Jesus had two very different roads he traveled in preparing for the Holy week of Passover. He was honored on one road and treated miserably on the other road. Yet both roads was the way towards His purpose. Each of us in part can identify with the different roads Jesus traveled. We all have had moments with great praise and moments with great discouragement. Yet if we are to fulfill our God given purpose to this world, then we to must press through both the distraction of the praise and lack of support of the opposition.

Have a great week celebrating the Passion Week!

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