Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday- What does Easter mean to me?

Easter was a great day at the Leesburg Church.

Our Easter program was wonderful. Sister Wanda Ivey did a fantastic job of putting together not only a visual reminder of the death and resurrection of Christ, but also the actual meaning it has to both you and I. Our actors showed us that no matter how good or bad we are in this live, neither will get us to heaven or will forfeit the ability through Christ to get to Heaven one day. It also showed that Jesus desires to walk with us now, not just in Heaven.

We also enjoyed sharing the communion with 'Jesus' serving us 12 at a time. A great thought it what it must have been like to the disciples.
The children sang to us as they do on first Sunday. It was joy to us to see them begin to sing with passion. We had 27 enjoy our Children's Church. With 6 of them receiving Christ- Praise God.
Also to note, we broke the all time record of attendance with 122 (previously 118). Praise the Lord!

BUT the best thing is that in total we had 8 people get saved! (6 from our children, 1 youth, and 1 adult). Praise God!
We ended our day with a huge Easter Egg Hunt. The church property was full of children (and family) looking for eggs. It was such a joy to see. A special thank you to Sister Christina Callantine for putting this together.

Great things are happening at the Leesburg Church!

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