Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A day of Healing

Sunday we finished our focus on Stewardship as we talked about giving and the blessings of being a good steward. Yet the most memorable event of the the day was God's touch to many during a time of prayer for healing. So many have been afflicted in their bodies. We felt the Lord leading us to pray and stand for healing. We read several scriptures to build our faith on God's healing power and the fact He has given us the authority to heal in His name. Many came up for prayer as those that was full of faith laid hands on them to recover. We felt the Lord move and touch hearts throughout the congregation. We have heard of several that are feeling much better by the Lord's help. The one testimony that seems to stand out the strongest was a dear saint. She shared how she could not put any weight on her left leg or foot. She was using a walking cane to get around. After prayer she began to move and walk around without the walker. She said she went home and put it over in one side of the room and came back to church without it. Praise God ! He still HEALS!

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