Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A wonderful feeling

Praise the Lord. What a wonderful feeling in the air this Sunday. Watching Sister Goza get 'happy' is always a great joy. Every song we sang had a great spirit of the Lord moving in it. Thank God!

Our Sunday morning sermon was from Zacchaeus as he climbed up the tree to see Jesus. What if we endured to see Jesus with such measures? What if we desired to see Him that much? For those that seem to think of themselves as lower or not as good as Bro. or Sister 'so-n-so' rebuke that feeling. You are God's creation. Zacchaeus was rich but was hated and considered more know for his 'sin' than anything else. He had sold out his own people, yet Jesus was more than happy to go to his home. God wants to come to your home, sit with you, and in the end bless you no matter who you are or what you have done. You are as good as anyone else- Hold your head up you are a child of the most High KING!

Sunday night we felt the Lord just as strong. We were reminded that God wants to speak to us, bless us, and direct us- yet He will meet the level of our seeking Him. Let us cry out with dedication and commitment to SEEK the Lord. A new 'Covenant to Seek the Lord!'

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