Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Overcoming Obstacles in Pursuit of your dreams

Sunday we continued looking at how to live out the God given dream in each of us. God has created each of us for a wonderful and unique purpose. Yet many give up as they start out on their journey and find that some of the closest people around them seemingly try to stop them. Some of the people are meaning well and others just don't want you to live our your dream. The ones that mean well often will operate out of the fear of risk, or they just want you and them to hang on to the traditions that they are comfortable with, and yet others just don't think you could ever really do it. As well there are people that know that if you walk in your dream then they will loose something and they don't want you to do it. Just keep your heads up and look for the friends that God will send you (and youwill convert some of those opposing you by sharing your dream better). No matter where they started these friends will be your encouragement to live out the dream. God will also send some your way that have walked down the road you are traveling and they will teach you and share the wisdom to live the dream.
Don't stop - You can live the dream God has given you! That is why God gave it to you right?

We also were blessed to receive two new members into the Leesburg Church. Praise God!

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