Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Have a blessed Thanksgiving

Sunday morning was a wonderful day at Leesburg Church. We were reminded that scripture tells us that we are to give thanks in EVERYTHING and at ALL TIMES! Let us have a wonderful season of holidays through the eyes and hearts of gratitude and not the rush of the time. If we can focus on giving thanks it will allow us all to focus on the real reason to this Thanksgiving but also the Christmas season coming quickly upon us.

Sunday night the Lord ministered in a special way. The Holy Spirit filled the building with such a sweet spirit. We looked to I Corinthians 12 were we learn about spiritual gifts. We have been given many gifts to minister to the needs of people. The Lord has been reminding us that He is the healer, the power of the miraculous. We had a time of special prayer for gifts to be released upon the church both locally and globally. We then had a wonderful time of prayer for those sick and needing a miracle. God moved in a wonderful way and we are so grateful for His love to His children!

God Bless you this Thanksgiving.

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