Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Continuing 'Escaping Ordinary'

This Sunday Pastor Josh continued the Sermon Series "Escaping Ordinary." Last week we looked to how God has placed a dream inside of us all- our God Given Purpose/Dream. This Sunday we were encouraged to push past our comfort zones and the invisible wall of fear we each face as we seek to fulfill our God Given Dream. We all have a comfort zone that is easy for us but our dream is not fulfilled inside that zone. Once we are ready to walk out our dream we will find ourselves approaching the limits of our comfort zone. The end is a wall of fear that we will must push through to ever fulfill our purpose in God. In His (God's) strengths we are made strong - not ours. As we step past the wall of fear and outside of our comfort zones we have truly stepped into faith and trusting God fully to help us fulfill the plan He has for our lives.

Let's all choose to leave our Comfort Zones and pursue God's plans!

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