Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beautiful Sunday!

It has been beautiful both in the weather and the spirit of God. Just imagine when we come to the House of God with expectation of God bringing answers, direction, and blessing into our live. Sunday's sermon was about how Adam and Eve were given direction of how to live in the Garden, but in their own knowledge they chose what they perceive or judge as 'good.' Yet we are not to make decisions of our own knowledge but the direction and knowledge of God. Let us look deeply into the Word of God and to listening to the Voice of God to see how He would choose to bless our lives for His Glory!

Sunday night we were honored to have Bishop James Adkins in service with us. He made a wonderful surprise to visit us. As he shared a testimony of God's blessings he stated 'I may not be kicking as high as I use to but I am still kicking.' What a wonderful testimony from a man of God!


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