Monday, March 28, 2011

Praise God

Sunday was a glorious day. During the morning service the Holy Spirit blessed us in so many ways. As some came up for prayer for their bodies, God blessed them Spiritually as well. Our dear Spiritual Mother of 91 danced and was slain in the Spirit while another sister danced before the Lord as the Spirit moved her. Many were lost in a state of worship. Praise God! Our sermon was simply about taking up the Yoke of Christ. Work with Him, Learn from Him, Grow with Him, and Trust Him. As we work alongside of the Lord, it is easy and it is light.

Sunday night we was blessed by Tanner Gann. Tanner is 16 and did a amazing job preaching the Gospel. He was anointed and he was full of the Spirit. He shared with us about regaining order in our lives. The Glory of the Lord follows order. If we will get our lives and our churches in order the Glory of the Lord will show up in a real way that our senses can experience. Praise God- Let’s get our lives in order - We desire the Full Glory of the Lord!!!

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