Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lighten your Load

Sunday was an amazing day. The Spirit of the Lord was so powerful and so gentle. During the worship one lady came and was worshiping and seeking the Lord in the altar. The sermon was about Jesus’ call to lighten our load as he spoke in Matthew 11:28- ‘Come unto me.. all who are heavy and I will give you rest.’ The Lord had spoke clearly during the week that some were heavy and needed to lighten their load. The verse is clear but at the same time the depths of it are also powerful. If you are heavy with life (job, money, family, stress, or any problem) HE WILL GIVE you rest. It is free. If you are heavy with sin- He WILL GIVE YOU REST- a Renewal. If you are burdened down with the weight of religion and not relationship- Come He will give you REST. The key is that we COME. The promise is for rest. The requirement is us to come. And that is what many did at the end the sermon. Several came seeking the Lord and God blessed. One lady shared both at the end of service and then on another day how her load had become almost unbearable. She said it was just what was special ordered for her.

How wonderful is our Savior, who designs things just for us.

Join us this Sunday morning as we finish the chapter and see what Jesus directs us to after we have came to Him.


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