Monday, August 9, 2010

Looking Forward to our Future

Sunday morning Pastor Josh was back in the pulpit after being away for a few Sundays at the Church of God of Prophecy's International Assembly that was held in Greensboro, NC. He shared how great the services where and to see what great revival is breaking out across our world today. God has truely been doing wonderful things in the church today.

Pastor Josh preached about the foundation to all of our future vision by starting a series of sermons' titled "A Healthy Church." He spoke that while we will use different ministries and they will each have their pu
rpose they all must work towards the vision of being "A Healthy Church." The first of these sermons was focused on how the early church in the book of Acts was only able to do the work of the church after they were filled by the Holy Spirit. He spoke that we should join in the theme of the Assembly by embracing the moving of the Holy Spirit by "Pursing His Spirit.' Only then can we operate as "A Healthy Church" as we
read about in Acts. Sunday night Pastor Josh continued the them of 'Pursing His Spirit,' by encouraging everyone to take a few steps deeper as recorded in Ezekiel 47. If we are ankle deep go a little deeper into the moving Holy Spirit to a knee deep. If you are knee deep go out waist deep, and if you are waist deep go out to the depth that you can only swim in His Spirit.

At Leesburg Church we seek to be 'A Healthy Church' that desires to be led by the Holy Spirit to meet the needs in our community! Come join us i
n this awesome journey!


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