Friday, August 27, 2010

Community Outreach is key to a Healthy Church

Sunday we looked at one of the other core components to being a 'Healthy Church.' A 'Healthy Church' must reach it's community as an essential and central focus of all it does. Jesus spent most of His time outside of the temple reaching basic needs to meet spiritual needs. It was interesting to see that when we commonly use the term 'Jesus Public Ministry' we are saying more than His 'known' ministry but actual the ministry He did in the streets, on the mountaintops, and in the homes.

In Ezekiel 34 we see a prophecy of both the 'bad shepherds (leaders)' and the 'good shepherd (Jesus).' Jesus is given as the one who will care for the needs of these people yet we are the body of Christ. He has choose to use us as His 'hands and feet.' So we are the tools of Jesus to fulfill this prophecy. Here are the five areas we must cover to be reaching those in our community for the Glory of Christ.

1- Feed the hungry

2- Strengthen the diseased/Heal the sick

3- Bind up the broken

4- Brought in the driven away

5- Sought the Lost

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