Monday, February 28, 2011

The Holy Spirit in the Church

Sunday, February 27th was a great day at Leesburg Church.

During our morning service, the Word of God was presented on the Holy Spirit and His role within the church. We read of all the names that the Holy Spirit is described by in the Bible, but we often lower His importance within the church. We speak of the Comforter (the peace) the conviction of His Spirit- and so on. However, we forget or at least often diminish, the full role He is to have in the church. Jesus said when He ascended into Heaven that He would send the ‘Comforter’ and Jesus said he would ‘guide’ you. We must remember that the Holy Spirit is not just some heavenly being, He is God; God is the Holy Spirit. You cannot separate Jesus from the Holy Spirit. The Trinity is three in one and one in three. If we are to do the work Jesus has intended for us, if we desire to be more than a social club, we must be in tuned to the Holy Spirit and following His lead. While the Holy Spirit is the ‘Great Counselor’ we cannot treat Him like He is just one of many we consult as the church and we will filter what we want to hear and do. NO - we must submit to the Holy Spirit and He will lead us.

Lead us on Holy Spirit - Lead us ON!


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