Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Slaying your Golden Calf

Sunday was an awesome day at the Leesburg Church. The Holy Spirit was strong and the anointing was powerful.
The Lord spoke from the text of Exodus 32, specifically verses 1-6. The key of the sermon was that the ‘god’ the people of Israel wanted Aaron to make to led them was not an abandonment of Jehovah. The study of the word ‘gods’ that they used was not a term for multiple gods but of the one God- it is the same term used when Genesis records ‘God created...’ in the original Hebrew. The point was this, they wanted to create their own form or view of the one God. They were not guilty of serving other gods but of trying to make THE GOD in the form they wanted. In other words they wanted God to do what they wanted, when they wanted, and how they wanted. They were specifically tired of how long Moses was taking with God and they wanted it now- so they Formed them a god.
Do we not do the same thing? Do we not try to make God in our form? We all have Golden Calves in our lives if we are honest- areas that we have tried to make God fit our form or image.

Let’s break some golden calves and allow the true God to be the only form we see!

(watch the sermon by going to the website)

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