Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday Service

Sunday morning God's presence was so strong. Their was such a move of God that their was no preaching during the morning service. God ministered to set people free and to relieve burdens of those who were heavy. People came to the altar and sought God for their breakthrough. Others worshiped the Lord for their freedom. The Lord is moving us to a place of freedom lived out.

Sunday night was a wonderful night with a totally different feeling in the air. Many people ministered through song. One of our new ladies shared through a special song and wow what a amazing voice she had. Thank you Lord for blessing us with new people. Pastor Josh preached about "Running the Race of Endurance." We are to forget and lay down anything that would prevent us from running our best race for Christ. We need to finish the race strong, not give up when the race is hard, and not loose focus on the journey. Let us run the race to finish stronger than we started!

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